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What are International Edition Textbooks?
  The same publishers print international editions for the overseas market. They carry the same study content as the Hardcover edition and are printed in English. With the same page numbers, many students prefer to save money and use the International Edition Textbook instead of the expensive Hardcover edition.
Wondering why so cheap?
  The differences include paperback vs hardcover, different ISBN and in some cases paper quality and design of the cover page may be different. Please read the detailed description for exact information. Some international editions also come with the international economy edition label printed on them. Why they are cheap in one country and expensive in the other – only the publishers can answer!!
Is it legal to buy/sell these international edition textbooks?
  Yes, these are not photocopies or illegal copies. They are printed by the same publisher in different countries. As per the article by NY Times available at "" and legal advice, the publishers print the disclaimer only to dissuade US students from purchasing these economical editions. Any student can import these international editions for personal use without violating any legal terms. Every year, thousands of students opt for these editions by purchasing them online and save their hard earned money. you can further get details on stand taken by Supreme court of United States on the matter from following link,_Inc.
After how much time is the book dispatched?
  The book is shipped out within 24 hours.
When can I expect to receive the book?
  We ship through expedited couriers like DHL, USPS priority mail, Aramex couriers. Delivery to United States and Canada is Free and it takes 2 to 3 business days for delivery. There is a small surcharge for other countries and delivery takes 2 to 5 business days.
What discount can you offer on combined shipping?
  Discount is offered as per weight of the book. Discounted price on multiple quantities is mentioned in the details search result. Pop up window will appear reflecting the same.
What is your return policy?
  You can return the book to us within 14 days after you have received the book. We assure you money back in case you are not satisfied. Please contact us through the Customer Care tab and we will resolve your issues to your satisfaction.
How will I get my money back?
  The money will be credited back to the same account/card you paid with.
How can I redeem my Referal Credits earned through referral program?
  On check out just enter the number of credits you want to redeem available with you and click apply button. You need to redeem a minimum of 1 Redeemable credit.
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Every year, thousands of students use these editions and save hard earned money.
The same publishers print International editions for the overseas market which have same study content as the Hardcover editions. These are available at only a fraction of the cost. The differences may include softcover vs hardcover, different ISBN and in some cases paper quality and design of the cover page.
So what are you thinking, just search using the US Hardcover ISBN/Title recommended by your professor and we will tell you the same international edition and pass the savings to you..
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