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You will be provided with a PROMO CODE on signing up with us. Apart from savings on international edition textbooks, you can save more through our referral program. Just share your promo code and on purchase by your friend, your account will be credited with redeemable credits.

Say your friend buys a book worth $30, you will be awarded redeemable credits, which can be redeemed on your purchase. Imagine, if all of your classmates buy with your promo code, your next textbook could be free.


Wondering why would your friend buy using the promo code?

They not only get the international edition at such low cost but also additional discount on using your promo code. So everyone is benefiting here, go ahead and spread your promo code.

Please note that the redeemable credit may be taken back from your account, In case the purchase is returned back to us.

To redeem your money earned, simply press the redeem button during checkout.

Please feel free to contact us at for any queries.


Promo Code SB01

Your friend purchases using this code and gets additional discount

You get redeemable credits in your account

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Cannot find the international edition of a book - please let us know your requirement and we will get back to you with the details shortly.

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Every year, thousands of students use these editions and save hard earned money.
The same publishers print International editions for the overseas market which have same study content as the Hardcover editions. These are available at only a fraction of the cost. The differences may include softcover vs hardcover, different ISBN and in some cases paper quality and design of the cover page.
So what are you thinking, just search using the US Hardcover ISBN/Title recommended by your professor and we will tell you the same international edition and pass the savings to you..
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